Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Number of Hours in a Day – Laura

I watch the weather carefully. The weather will be warm on Saturday and cooler on Sunday. I run 12 miles on Saturday – eight miles in Holliston horse country while my daughter is riding, and then four more miles when I get home. We all go to my son’s basketball game right after I finish running, then home for dinner and a drop off to a birthday party sleepover for one of my daughters. On Sunday after Sunday school, my 11 year old daughter runs a mile with me; my 12 year old son runs three miles with me. I run the final four miles alone. We watch the Patriots lose the Playoffs; my father comes over for his birthday dinner. It goes so fast. When co-workers ask about the weekend, I don’t even remember scheduling running time. It was just part of my day.

The message I receive is: We all have the same number of hours in a day. With careful planning, I can still do the most important things to me – have quality time with my kids, continue training over longer distances, and enjoy the weekend.

Now it is cold. It is close to zero degrees today. I bring my son, Jacob, to sax lessons before school at 6:45 am. Then I drive home and run three miles on the treadmill in my basement early in the morning before work. I finish 100 sit-ups and 20 pushups. This is my workout ritual all winter long. It is not really marathon training. I say “goodbye” to my daughter Lindsay who walks to school. I put my daughter Leigh on the bus, and then drive to work. I don’t feel like I am marathon training. It was just a typical morning.

The message I receive is: Maybe the completion of small tasks methodically and persistently over time add up to something greater at the end.

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