Monday, March 7, 2011

Downhill and Uphill – Elise

I did my 20-mile run this past Saturday. I went out to Hopkinton and ran the course for ten miles and then turned back. I think it was a good comparison of the Marathon since the first ten miles are downhill so I had to run uphill the second half of my run, similar to Heartbreak Hill. I downloaded two "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" episodes and two "This American Life" episodes that pretty much covered my run. I also tried out my new fuel belt, which was fairly comfortable and very helpful. I felt pretty good the next day, just some cramping in my foot. I think I am going to try carb loading before my next long run and see if it works.

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rob said...

Good job sis. if you can find it, try to download the "Fiasco" episode of TAL, good and funny one. Ab's been using a frozen 16 oz sport drink bottle to ice her foot for similar issues, the shape makes it easy to use while sitting on the couch.