Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stretching It Out – Todd

The last few weeks have been tough. However, I am happy to have started the taper portion of my training. This last Sunday I ran 20 miles and I was so relieved. It was my maximum length long run and was scheduled three weeks before the Marathon. A very busy work and home schedule kept me from running most of my midweek training runs. Then, two weekends ago I was demoralized when eight miles into a planned 18mile run my right iliotibial band tightened up. I had to stop running and walk back two miles. The following week I started a number of specific stretches given to me by fellow runner and blogger Jacqui Perna. I used them daily, during warm up, and during breaks at the three-mile marks of my run. They worked and allowed me to make it 20 miles. I parked my car on the Comm Ave carriage road at the intersection with Centre Street. I ran the reverse Marathon route to the Fire Station where I continued on Comm Ave instead of turning on Washington Street. I crossed the Pike and touched Rowe Street. That is three miles one way. I returned to my car and then did the whole circuit two more times, plus one more time to Walnut and back. I had Gatorade, Honest Kids Juice pouches and GU stashed in my car and smaller amounts in my pockets. This combination of calories and hydration worked well. I am running shorter distances this week and my attention is turning to figuring out how to get to the starting line and how to get home after the race.

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Jacqui Perna said...

Great to hear the stretches helped. We are almost there!