Friday, March 11, 2011

Practicing the Hills – Jacqui

Week 8 was uneventful, except that my 17-month-old son started crying when I got out my running shoes on Saturday. The poor guy kept sitting in my lap trying to prevent me from putting on my shoes. My mileage during the week ramped up, but the long run was shorter at only 12 miles. (This week’s total mileage was only 29 miles compared to last week’s 32.) Next week’s miles really ramp up, so I guess this week is all about rest – if you can call it that!

I ran outside for my long run and once again found it much easier than indoor training. It was pretty windy and it felt like I wasn’t making very much progress at times, but I ran at a slightly faster pace outdoors than on the treadmill. Thankfully outdoor running seems to be much easier for me than indoor running. I was able to stay on Commonwealth Ave.’s carriage road for the whole six miles out and back. Most of the snow is finally gone, but it was really wet and muddy. I again brought my border collie for half of the run and she was a content, dirty mess at the end. It is giving me some confidence to run the actual Boston Marathon route, especially since I keep running the hills in Newton, which are famous for being difficult. I also continue to do power walks with a baby jogger on the Avenue for my cross training day. Hopefully, that stretch of the Marathon will be so familiar that come race day it will not be intimidating!

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