Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gu Is a No Go – Jenna

Getting back to my normal running schedule this week, I am excited to download another audio book from iTunes. This is something I never thought I would like, but it seems to keep me engaged as I go along and helps pass the time. My first audio book was four hours long, and I went through that in less than a week! Also, as far as fuel during my long runs, sometimes I need some and sometimes I don't. I am getting better at being able to tell when I need a little jumpstart and when I don't. I have found the "Gu" is a no-go. I have trouble getting it down and Gatorade makes me cramp up a bit. Swedish fish do work, but they tend to get stuck in your teeth. I found these organic dried fruit sticks at Whole Foods (looks like a small fruit roll-up) and bought a few to try this weekend for my long run. They are a bit easier to eat, and also a bit healthier for you (maybe?). I guess we'll see!

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