Friday, March 25, 2011

Last Long Run Before the Big Day – Elise

This Saturday I will be running the Marathon route from Hopkinton to where I live in Brighton. It is about 22 miles. I am so excited to be doing my last long run before the big day. I just picked up some new shoes yesterday at the New Balance Factory Store. I was afraid my old ones wouldn't last until the Marathon. I am trying to carb load before the run on Saturday to see how it feels. I have a new audible book for the run "The Reliable Wife", which is just getting good. I am going to take my brother's suggestion and freeze a couple of water bottles before to use for foot cramps after the run. I am hoping to pace around a 10:30 mile.


Abby said...

Sooooo u getting free hookups from the new balance store or something... Good luck lil sis!!! U are the dopest!!

rob said...

in case you hadn't noticed, that last comment is from big ears, not your sister in law.

run fast, then sleep in.