Monday, March 26, 2012

20 Mile Run! – Angela

What an awesome run! I ran my 20 miles with a lot of hesitation but I was so excited to see so many runners out on Saturday morning. My husband and son dropped me off in Hopkinton and to my surprise, I saw so many running groups with the same plan. Sacony had tents at the start line along with at least 10 port a johns. I even saw Tedy Bruschi and his wife running. Along the running path, there were so many supporters that handed out water, Gatorade and small snacks for all the runners. This was so inspiring. I must admit that my hamstring is still bothering me but I completed my run without much pain. My meal the night before was grilled chicken and rice and the morning of the run was a bagel. Not enough food…I was STARVING once I hit 12 miles. I am not a fan of the GU but I had some bubble gum, which gave me a sugar burst. So now that I have completed the 20-mile run, I realize that the night before I need to load up on more carbs and eat more in the morning. My plan is to attend an information session on Monday night on running the Marathon, which will provide nutrition information. I definitely need to figure out what foods will work for me since I am not a big fan of pasta. Overall, I am looking forward to Marathon Monday.

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