Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Great Running Weather – Angela

Time waits on no one. One month and three days left! I can’t believe that the Marathon is so close. I have to say that we have been so fortunate to have such a mild winter. Yesterday was my 18-mile run and I have to say that the weather was wonderful. I continue to have some challenges with my hamstring and I did stop a couple times to walk and hydrate. Overall the run was great. My husband and son dropped me off in Hopkinton to start my 18-mile run and I ran home. It was kind of ironic because I typically run with my friend Sherwin but we slept in (time change). When my husband dropped me off, I ran right into my running group I guess time was on our side after all. My diet has been pretty good and since I am not a big fan of pasta, I had rice with chicken and white beans for dinner. Not too bad and I did feel pretty energized. This week looks like an awesome week to run and I am looking forward to running in the morning due to the unseasonable weather we are having.

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