Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Motivation Kicking In – Kirsty

This past week I've been trying to continue my training on the elliptical (I was still on my two-week hiatus from running for plantar fasciitis). I have to admit that I have struggled with motivation this past week combined with a horrible cold that went from my head to my chest. Standing on the elliptical for a couple of hours has been my limit…I just have a hard time staring at the wall for more than two hours. I am trying music and tried to visualize where I would be on the Marathon route but it is like time goes way more slowly on that piece of equipment. I also had a good grumble with my neighbor yesterday morning. She is also running the Marathon and just developed shin splints.

I've been continuing physical therapy twice a week and I can say that after two weeks of no running, taping my foot every day, inserts in my sneakers and twice daily stretching and icing that it is feeling a little better. I still have a hard time if I do a lot of walking or standing on my feet (or three hours of yard work!), but it is not nearly as bad as the day I ran 13 miles and then couldn't take a step.

This past weekend I progressed to 30 minutes of alternating one minute running/one minute walking. I was psyched to get back on the road but once I started I found it very hard to get back in a rhythm. I think it was the alternating walking/jogging and the inserts in my shoes but I just couldn't get into a good pace. I debated about just jogging the whole way but figured I should follow physical therapist’s orders or I would be taking a step backwards.

My motivation seems to have kicked in a little today. I think picking up my lovely shirt from Public Affairs (thank you!) helped renew my spirit so tomorrow I am going to put that shirt on and do my 30 minutes followed by two hours on the elliptical or maybe the bike for some variety. I can't fix my heel overnight but I can certainly make sure I am fit enough to do this Marathon!

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