Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Detour – Kirsty

To cut a long story short I am on a “detour” for the next two weeks – this is the description that Cody from physical therapy gave me this week for the two-week running sabbatical that I am on. I finally met up with Garth and Cody in physical therapy for an evaluation of the plantar fasciitis that had me slowed to a halt at mile 13 of my 16-mile run over a week ago. The good news is that I am cross-training on the elliptical and it doesn't seem to be bothering my plantar fasciitis too much. I am becoming good friends with my elliptical (thankfully we have one at home that we bought six years ago after my son was born – at least it is getting some use now). However, I am not altogether enthusiastic about being on it for four or five hours this weekend!

Last week I went on the elliptical twice before seeing a physical therapist. I probably spent most of last week limping and it was clear to me that there was no way I could run. I did a couple of hour-long sessions on the elliptical last week and then saw Garth for some informal physical therapy at the end of the week. I have my foot and arch taped every day and have a few stretches to do twice a day. I decided to try a short five miles on Saturday to see how it felt. I planned to do the second half on soft ground to keep any problems to a minimum. I managed the five miles but could feel myself compensating for the pain in my heel. Needless to say on Saturday evening, I couldn't even walk across my living room despite ice, stretching and Advil! On Sunday I was scheduled for a 17-mile long run so I substituted two hours on the elliptical. After getting over the boredom in the first half hour I actually enjoyed it.

On Monday, I saw Cody for a formal evaluation. It turns out I have less range of motion on my right side (the side that hurts) but it's hard to tell if it's a result of limping around for a week and a half or if that's what's causing my plantar fasciitis. I'll be seeing Cody twice a week and for now I have not to do any running for two weeks. I am obviously extremely nervous about the potential of missing all my long runs but I'm trying my best to take it one day and one week at a time. My main goal right now is to get back to running before the Marathon and at least be able to cover enough distance to feel comfortable starting the race. For now though I have to do two hours on the elliptical tomorrow and then a mammoth four to five hours this weekend. At least I'll be home and can stop for the odd refreshment and possibly put a movie on at the same time!

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