Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Family Cold Virus – Danielle

This week was pretty status quo for me. I ran three times, a nine, an 11 and 17-mile run. I made no records this week and managed to catch the “family cold virus”. I was the last one down and I thought I had escaped it but by Thursday it invaded my body in good shape. I was glad that I had already done the long run of the week. I had just one last run to do which was my 11-mile loop. It was tough and I did it yesterday. It was another windy Sunday. It seems all the Sunday's since I started training have been windy. I guess it was good that it wasn't super cold out. I awoke feeling tired, my head stuffed up and knew I had a busy soccer Sunday but I also needed to get that last run in. I knew in my gut I was in for a tough run and sure enough, the minute I set out, my legs felt like they had fifty pounds weights on them and it never changed the entire run. As I was on mile eight, Michael Jackson's song “Don’t Stop Until You Get Enough” came on and all I was thinking in my head was that I had had enough already about eight miles ago. I pushed on to the end but my body took until this morning to recover.

So I start out this week a bit skeptical since my cold is lingering and I am tired. I think I'll leave the long run for the end of the week and hope by then my head has cleared of this cold nonsense. Honestly, if a cold is my only problem, I really have nothing to complain about. I wish Angela and Kirsty the best of luck getting through their injuries. Looks like Joellyn had a good week last week; congratulations on finishing two big races! Catch you all next week. I'll try to upload the patches that my daughter designed in memory of my dad. They came in the mail over the weekend and look awesome. I can't wait to put it on my running jersey.

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