Thursday, March 29, 2012

Team Telecom - Joellyn

It’s been a while since I blogged, I’m a little behind. I feel like I’m in the movie Groundhog Day, I feel like I do the same thing every day. I wake up and I think about running, I run and then I fall asleep thinking about running. I have a poster in my office with someone sleeping in their bed
and a pair of sneakers at the end of the bed saying “Get Up! Time To Run!” This pretty much sums up what I feel like. Did I mention I’m now having dreams about the race? I had one dream that on race day I didn’t have my number because a Newton-Wellesley employee’s brother accidently took it?? Really?? We are down to about 2 ½ weeks and the whole race is surreal to me. Not sure how I will function after the race with so much free time.

Let’s get down to training. I ran 18 miles about two weeks ago, down along the Charles. It was a great run but I couldn’t remember where I parked. All I could remember was I was on Soldiers Field Rd. somewhere. Luckily I found it and survived the run. The rest of that week was the same. I ran a few four-mile runs and an eight-mile run that included Heart Break Hill. This week was 14 miles on Saturday down along Cape Cod Canal. I’m running out of places to do these long runs, good thing we are almost done. I ran four miles on Tuesday and sprints on the treadmill on Wednesday and hope to do eight miles today, which will include Heartbreak Hill. Not sure what I
will run on Saturday, 14 or 12?

I would like to thank Team Telecom for their constant support and words of encouragement. Maybe support and encouragement aren’t the best words to describe it. It seems that they would like to design what I will wear on race day. Although I appreciate the concern the answer would be NO. All I can say it involved the color yellow and feathers, really? Also, me finishing the race in the back of the truck isn’t happening either. They were also kind enough to print out the medical stations along the route as well as the Boston Marathon medical record so I knew what to expect. I did find the article on exercise and associated disorders interesting. They are trying to be tricky with their reverse psychology and it’s working.

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