Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Time to Cut Back – Danielle

I had a good week last week. I set out to do my long run last Tuesday. My goal at the start of my Marathon training was to run at least 22 to 23 miles once before the big day and I made it! I set out with my energy beans and a Gatorade at the end of my drive way and when all was said and done, I had run 23.3 miles in three hours, 32 minutes. I have to say, at the end of that, I couldn't imagine doing another step. I was quite sore the rest of the day and the next day as well. I ran a short nine miles on Thursday, and 11.5 on Saturday. Now it's time to cut back. With the Marathon less than three weeks away, my plan is to do less mileage but keep my stride so to speak. It's now a mental and physical hurdle for me. I think cutting back will be difficult. I found myself walking on a treadmill between two people running and I so wanted to start running but I knew I needed to take the day off.

This is also my last week at physical therapy. The center I go to is closing. I have mixed emotions about not going on a regular basis up until the race but my therapist said he would remain available if anything crops up before or after the end of the race. I will continue to do my physical therapy at home.

As for the home front, everyone has been sick except for me...knock on wood. Strep throat, pneumonia and colds are running rampant. My laundry is out of control, the dust bunnies are now attacking, and I am having a hard time keeping everyone's schedule straight. I went to pick up my daughter at track and forgot she already had a ride! I'm actually ready to run this race and get back some time so things can get back to being more organized in my house.

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