Monday, March 19, 2012

Reality Check – Joellyn

I have been slacking on my blog! I think it’s because I don’t have a lot to report on. I haven’t done a long run since the 20 miles in Salem. I do plan to run 20+ miles tomorrow on the Esplanade. I can’t get enough of this nice weather and running outside. This will be my last long run until
the race, hooray! Time to start tapering off.

I have been running shorter distances in faster times as well as working out at Shipley. I have had some pain in my hip so I have been holding off the longer runs to give it some time to heal. The pain seems to be gone and that’s why I’m going for the 20 tomorrow. I had a reality check this morning when I was talking to Kristy Leigh Berksza at the gym. She asked how many more Fridays until the race? FOUR, and I don’t mean golf! Only four more and then it will be time to
run those 26.2 miles that we have been training for. Part of me can’t wait but the other part of me is freaking out. Kristy reminded me of how great I will feel when it’s over and it truly is something to be proud of.

I have been obsessed with running for the past three months. I wake up and I think ok, how far do I have to run today. What’s my plan for the week? How many miles? How fast? As we get closer to the race I’m thinking about what I’m going to wear or what will I do with my hair. Yes, I really do think about that. When you are running 20 miles you think about a lot of
things. I think will I run after the Marathon? Do I ever want to run another marathon again? What will I do will all this free time when the Marathon is over? All these crazy thoughts run through my head and whole lot more.

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