Monday, February 6, 2012

13 Mile Long Run? – Angela

I have to admit that this week was a little challenging considering that I am currently in New Brunswick, NJ for training. My week started on Monday, which was easy because it was an off day. However, Tuesday morning at 5:30 I decided to run outside since the hotel gym was completely occupied. I can’t believe how many people get up so early to work out. Nevertheless, I decided to take a chance and run outside (by myself). Hind sight I really didn’t think this through although I know I only had to run 3.1 miles so I figured stay on the main roads and I should be able to manage just fine. I did my three miles maybe a little more since I was not familiar with the area and I had no idea where I was going. (Note to self, plan ahead). Nevertheless, this was going to be my last early morning run outside by myself in an unfamiliar area. As the week continued, I made new friends and found a running partner so the rest of the week was great! I ran my four miles on Tuesday and six on Friday. Saturday was my rest day, which was perfect since my husband and son came down to visit me for the weekend.

Sunday morning I was scheduled to run 13 miles, but my company is busing us to a new location closer to the corporate office. I decided to run my 13 miles once I got to the new location. BIG MISTAKE!!!! Not only is the new location more rural, there are no sidewalks! Ugggg! So here I am now in Branchburg, NJ with limited knowledge of the area. The hotel staff was not that familiar with running routes but I was directed to a residential area. So bottom line, I not only ran my 13 miles and got lost a little, but my total amount of miles was 15.15! Unbelievable I got a little turned around. This has truly been quite the adventure. I have learned a lot about traveling and trying to maintain a running schedule in unfamiliar areas. Did I mention that I am looking forward to returning home to get back to some familiar roads? The good news is I will be home Thursday night so I will be able to do a couple of miles on Friday and Sunday I am scheduled to run just 10 miles.

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