Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Back on the Road – Danielle

I finally hit the pavement last Thursday for the first time in eight days. I was six pounds lighter and boy could I tell. I think all six pounds were totally muscle by the way my legs felt. I was able to run nine miles despite my legs feeling like Jell-o. On Saturday I ran six and on Sunday I squeezed out 13 (a painful 13 that is). With my thyroid wreaking havoc, my breathing by mile 11 gets a bit labored. In general, my muscles usually fatigue long before my breathing becomes an issue. I plan on discussing different medication options with my doctor ASAP!

I decided to dip into what I call my father's polypharmacy that he left after he passed away. Tucked deep in the cabinet amongst several prescription drugs was a large container of Muscle Milk. He took it religiously when he was sick. I decided a dose a day of this will hopefully bring back the muscle and some of the weight I lost over the past week. The stuff is not that bad!

I continue to do physical therapy with Justin G. He is good motivation and is helping me realize my core has a lot of work and my balance is a far cry from perfect. I'm hoping in the end it helps improve my running form for races to come. All the insurance co-pays are worth it!

I'm heading to the Keys on Friday but I will keep up with my running schedule and physical therapy exercises during my vacation. I'm looking forward to running in summer gear. After my return, my husband is going to do hill training with me. He has been a runner most of his life. Not sure why he hasn't done a marathon yet because he definitely could do one much easier than I.

Lastly, I just want to say "Hi" to all the ladies blogging. I love reading your posts and you are an inspiration to me to continue onward!


Anonymous said...

Keep up the hard work big sister! I am so proud of you. You are my inspiration! Hug, Andrea

Anonymous said...

I am the complete opposite. My legs could take me much further than my lungs. I'm working on that, but it sure is frustrating.

Good luck!