Friday, February 17, 2012

Key Word Is Breeze - Joellyn

Here we go again, another week gone. We are just under nine weeks until the Marathon, where does the time go? The past week has been pretty consistent with the prior weeks, madness. Most of the time I don’t know if I’m coming or going and I seem to be OK with that.

I did my long run on Sunday morning; I left the house around 7:30. My plan was to run 16.2 miles and loop through Kingston and Plymouth. I was around the half-way point on a very busy road when I saw two little kids on the side of the road. Now, this is a busy road, its 9:00 am in the morning and it’s 25 degrees. My first thought was what kind of parent would allow this? Then I realized that they were my kids and my husband had brought them so they could cheer me on. My son brought me a bottle of water and a few hugs and kisses later I was off. I felt pretty good at that point and thought the second half would be a breeze. Key word is breeze, which is what I was running into down by the water. I felt like I was running in slow motion when the wind blew. My left leg started to hurt so I had to stop every so often to stretch it out. I finished the 16.2 miles in less than three hours and was glad to be done.

Tuesday morning I was supposed to run with Freddie Sanchez, but my body vetoed that. I couldn’t seem to function and ended up being two hours late for work. Sorry Freddie, maybe next week? Needless to say Tuesday ended up being an off day.

Thursday I did sprints on the treadmill. Did I mention how much I dislike the treadmill? I’m not sure if is the fact that the stop button is so close or I feel like a hamster running in the wheel. Regardless, I would rather be outside.

On the days I don’t run I’m usually am at the gym, I do take Saturdays off. By taking Saturday off I mean I don’t do any physical exercise. Instead, I run around getting the kids to karate, various birthday parties or play dates. If I’m not doing that I’m doing errands, cleaning, laundry, homework......does the fun ever end?

I have a 10K on Saturday in Plymouth and am debating on a long run on Sunday. I think Sunday will depend on if it’s going to snow or not. Stay tuned.

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