Thursday, February 9, 2012

Out of Commission - Danielle

Well, I'm lying here in my bed somewhat frustrated. Last week definitely didn't go as planned. I awoke on Monday, January 30 around 4:30 am to get ready for work. I was feeling somewhat tired, but got ready and drove into work. As I stepped out of my car, I all of a sudden felt a warm stream down my leg. I had lost control of my bladder! I was obviously disturbed by the whole thing but went inside, cleaned myself up as well as I could and settled into my office. I thought to myself that I was glad to be wearing black pants that day. Shortly after, I realized my right eye felt heavy. I went into the bathroom and sure enough, it was partially closed and I had a hard time opening it up all the way. I decided to call my doctor’s office and scheduled an appointment for late in the day on my way home (of course I wasn't going to drive all the way to work without putting a full day in).

At the end of the day, I went to the doctor’s and they immediately sent me to the emergency room to rule out the obvious. I was admitted and spent the next three days undergoing multiple tests including MRI/MRA, MRI of the c-spine, several vials of blood, and my favorite, a lumbar puncture. All tests have been negative to date except my thyroid function tests; I have Hashimoto's and it looks like I need an adjustment in my medication (no wonder I'm so darn tired all the time!). My eye eventually went back to normal and I was discharged Thursday night with instructions to follow up with the neurologist and my primary care physician.

On Friday, I started having super bad headaches and after 24 hours I called the neurologist who diagnosed me with spinal headaches (a side effect after a spinal tap). He told me to lie in bed flat for eight hours. Over the course of this time, I began having some belly cramping. I suspect I now have a stomach virus (when it rains it pours).

I did push myself to run six miles on Saturday but essentially I have been out of running commission for a week now. I'm obviously frustrated by the whole thing but all I can do is wait it out and hopefully things are going to get better.

The one thing I am chuckling about to some degree is watching my husband push a vacuum, clean toilets, do groceries, laundry, cart three kids around, etc. In all honesty though, I'll be super happy when I'm back to my old self, can be useful around the house again and can hit the pavement with my new running shoes! I'm keeping my fingers crossed I'll be 100 percent by the end of the week because I have a lot of miles to catch up on!

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