Monday, February 6, 2012

Feeling Good - Danielle

So it's been about a week and a half since my last entry. I've managed to run in three states and in all kinds of crazy weather. I've run in five-degree weather in RI, after a snow storm in Maine (and may I add coming head on with snow plows is quite intimidating), and just a few days ago, I ran in heavy rain in Maryland with the temp at a warm 60. I'll be heading to the Keys with family and friends during February break. I'm sure I'll get the hot weather runs in there. I love running in the rain; beats the heat, cold and snow any day.

As far as mileage, I can run 13. My goal this week is to start on a 17-mile adventure – I call it. I head out to do my 17-mile loop, I run as far as I can, then I do a walk/run with hopefully more running than walking in the last part. I'll continue to do this until I can run all 17. My goal is to do this in the next three weeks.

I've been going to PT regularly and it seems to be helping. I have also discovered that although I am fit, I have a lot of weak areas on my body, especially my hips, back and core. My physical therapist, Justin, is super. He has me doing all kinds of exercises to strengthen all the weak muscles and then some. I can already feel a difference when I'm running.

My big purchase yesterday was a brand new pair of running shoes. I bought Newton's on the suggestion of my brother-in-law who runs in this brand and swears by them. He has seen a lot more miles than me. I am hoping they work out for me as well. I was looking for a shoe that will help my running form and help to decrease the impact on my knees and back. I also purchased my running shirt. I'm very picky about my running gear during a race for some reason. I plan on having it embroidered with a design my daughter put on her soccer jerseys just before my dad passed away. It is the lymphoma ribbon with the number nine imbedded in it (my dad's hockey jersey number he had his entire life). I also will add a fist underneath the whole picture. My dad would always hold up his fist jokingly and say to us, "Do you want to meet my five brothers?" For me it also represents the tough fight that he never won against lymphoma. I'll also plan to have the NWH logo on the shirt as well.

Lastly, I am realizing that taking on training is really causing me to get behind on some daily tasks. So on that note, I guess house cleaning, laundry and cooking gourmet meals have gotten somewhat put on the back burner. A common question from my kids over the past few weeks, “Mom do I have any clean….” you name it. Their dresser drawers have been empty at times but they are quite understanding and I think as things go along, I'll get more efficient at doing everything somehow…or maybe it's a good time to teach them how to do all the above themselves?!!

I guess that covers my activities for the past two weeks. I'm feeling pretty good and highly motivated. See you at next check in!

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