Monday, February 27, 2012

A Week in the Keys – Danielle

Well it's been two weeks since I posted. I've recovered from what I now term "whatever it was" a few weeks ago and continue to push forward training. The week before I set out for vacation in Florida, I ran three times. I did 13 miles one day, nine the next and then pushed through a 17-mile long run. That was tough because I purposefully made mile 16 and 17 a hill run. The country roads around here are full of those long, gradual hills, so it is fairly easy to make it happen. Of course my time on the hills was probably slower than if I would have walked them, but I made it home and that's all that counts. Of course, Justin was a bit surprised when I showed up at physical therapy that day. When he asked me how I felt, I said, "Fine but everything from the waist down is sore!" I explained to him my day. He decided that day was going to be more of stretching session and not much of anything else. I actually felt great after I left. Hence, stretching well after a long run is very important. On Friday the 17th, my family set out on a vacation to the Florida Keys with three other families. The weather was beautiful and the company superb. I, of course, could not even think about sitting at a computer the whole week aside from uploading all the great photos being taken. So I missed a post. During the week in the Keys, I ran a total of 42 miles, all of which ended up being short runs averaging six to seven miles. We were going to bed late and getting up late. I thought it would be great running in warm weather, but I quickly realized that running in 80-plus degree weather in the direct sunlight with minimal wind was clearly more difficult than running in seven degree weather in RI. So runs were short. I returned home to new running shoes, threw them on Sunday, and ran 13 in the cooler weather. Much better! I'm realizing time is flying and I still have a lot to do. I'm far from my 22 to 23 mile goal. When you run 17 and stop, it's hard to think you still would have nine more to go. I have reached one goal though. I'm $100 shy of reaching $1000 for the Cancer Center. Of course I'd like to raise more, but it feels good knowing that I was able to raise the suggested amount. I am super grateful to all the wonderful people who have donated and are supporting me in my run! Lastly, with March approaching, I enter what I call "March Madness" in my house. It happens each year and the madness has nothing to do with basketball but everything to do with soccer. It's when indoor soccer overlaps with outdoor soccer for about four weeks. Two kids, five teams....practices, games, three tournaments. This is going to be interesting. I'm definitely going to have to manage my time well to get in all the physical therapy and runs I can. I'll let you know how I make out!

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