Thursday, February 9, 2012

Chaos - Joellyn

If I had to use one word to describe this past week it would be chaos. Between getting the kids to the doctor’s and dentist, writing a two-page paper for school, blogging, working and running, I’m tired. Sunday morning was my long run; I did 14 miles in a little over two hours. I can honestly say that it was a struggle towards the end; I just couldn’t find my groove. I did walk a few times but I realized that it is hard to get going again after walking. Going forward I will try to avoid the whole walking thing, not worth it. When I finished the run I was so proud of myself that I had just run 14 miles, hooray. Then I realized I still had another 12 miles to run before I would be done if this was the Marathon. The rest of Sunday was spent replacing all the calories I had burned running, plus some. I will just say it was a great game to watch, not the ending most wanted. Of course there are a few NY fans here at Newton-Wellesley that were quite happy with the score, they shall remain nameless for their own safety.

I gave my legs a break on Monday and Wednesday and just did weights. Tuesday was sprints on the treadmill for about an hour. Thursday was another run day but not 14 miles. Freddie Sanchez was nice enough to meet me at 6:00 am even though he was still not feeling 100%. Seems he got that nasty cold that was going around. We only did seven and a half miles, half-way up Heartbreak Hill!!! As bad as this sounds, I was glad he was under the weather, it slowed him down to a reasonable pace.

The plan for next week is more of the same. Sunday I am shooting for 16 miles, and it is going to be 20 degrees, should be fun! I never realized how difficult it is to try and map out a long run. I may have to run through three towns by the time the Marathon rolls around. Hopefully Freddie will run with me again and maybe Sherwyn. We are under 10 weeks, it’s time to get serious!

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