Monday, March 8, 2010

Could Have Kept Going – Annie

There's been one big change in my training this past week – I started driving to and from work every day. Previously I had been commuting via bus and T, which I quite liked, but it's been hard to sandwich the increased running hours into a day that is already full of work, commute, rehearsal, social engagements – the list goes on. I figured I could control my schedule a bit more, and chop off at least an hour of commute time by driving, and thus far it is proving to be true! It's much more doable for me to get my workouts done in the morning when I can cruise over from Cambridge in 20 minutes flat, AND snag a primo parking spot for making a quick getaway at the end of the day. I miss my reading time and a carefree, traffic-less existence, but it's been a good choice for these months of training.

My knees had been hurting me last week, but that went away about midweek. I've ordered myself a new pair of shoes, identical to those I ran Chicago in and have (still – eek) been running in, and they should arrive in the next few days, which is great. Proper footgear is key!

I went out to Petersham, where my parents live in central MA, this past weekend for a little break from city life and a change of scene for my long run! My sister and I were due to run 12, and with the fantastic weather, I feel like I could've kept going! We had some killer hills mixed in, which was excellent – I want to get more hill workouts incorporated into my training. It felt like summer weather and was one of the absolute most pleasurable long runs I've ever had.

I'll be doing 18 this weekend in Worcester, and it looks like rain, so the memory of Saturday's idyllic, sunny run may have to hold me over!

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Anonymous said...

Nice job with the time management!
Hills - a good local one to run up and down is Summit Ave in Brookline. Another option is the auto road up Blue Hill in Canton. That one is a bit longer, probably 3/4 mile.
Keep it up!