Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Need More Pockets! – Maureen

Less than six weeks to go!! Still so surreal. Although as my long runs get longer, it's slowly sinking in that I'm actually doing this. I went out early this past Sunday and was loving the gorgeous weather. I ran part of the marathon route – from Newton-Wellesley to Coolidge Corner and back, just about 15 miles. I only had minor hip pain throughout and actually felt stronger during the second half of the run, which surprised me because that's usually when my limping kicks in. I attributed it to the weather, my new neoprene water bottle holder with the hand strap that my mom found for me and the updated running playlist on my iPod. I like to run to songs that match my cadence (about 180 steps/minute)... there's nothing like a great, upbeat song to keep you moving when you really just feel like stopping! I've also stepped up my stretching, incorporated my new physical therapy exercises and I never leave home without my tennis ball (aka my portable hip massager).

Aside from my hip, the only problem I've been having on my long runs is that I carry too much stuff in my one available pocket... I have my bag of jelly bellies, a packet of Powerade gel (that I actually have yet to experiment with), my house key, chapstick, my backup nano (ridiculous, yes; but sometimes I forget to fully charge my Touch) and my gloves (if I get too hot). Knowing me, the one time I decide not to bring something will be the one time I actually need it.

This Saturday I'm planning on doing 17 miles along the Charles, from Watertown Square to the Museum of Science and back. I'm excited because I'll have a running partner for the first time! My uncle, who has a lot of marathon experience, has kindly offered to run with me (even though our pace will probably seem like a fast walk to him!). Yay, more pockets to hold my stuff!

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Jamie W said...

Too funny about the pockets. Well at least you're prepared for anything. Strategically hiding things like gels at certain points on a route is something I've done before when I don't feel like carrying things.
Good trick with the tennis ball, never thought of that!