Monday, March 1, 2010

Hills of Newton - Annie

I am beginning to realize the increasing importance of sleep while training for a marathon. The long runs will wear you out, and adding the cold, inclement weather to it takes you to another level of exhaustion! My sister/training buddy and I drove to NWH on Saturday morning and ran in on the race route to Fenway Park, and then back out for a total of 16 miles. Serendipitously, we encountered Administrative Fellow Andy Wurtzel and his wife Lauren out for a run also, and they generously provided us with water on our way back! Thanks Andy and Lauren! We ran through a snow squall that later turned to rain in the last few miles - tough. I loved getting out on the course, though, and experiencing those infamous Newton hills. Honestly, they are not too bad, though I may be singing a different tune when I charge up them at mile 20! It was also great to be out running with many other people who were training for Boston, and on their long runs. Definitely a major feeling of runner solidarity.

The weekend before last we ran our 15-miler out in Worcester, where my sister lives. It was a gorgeous spring-like day and we had a great route, into Holden from Worcester and then back by the beautiful Holden Reservoir.

I need to incorporate more stretching after the long runs. I had some knee weirdness at the end of Saturday's run, but it went away - though enough to make me aware and perhaps chat with some of the Physical Therapy/Shipley Fitness Center folks. I also definitely need to get a new pair of running shoes, which will hopefully help things!

This weekend's long run will take place out at my parents' bucolic place in Petersham - quite a change of scene! I look forward to it.

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